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How skin changes with age

The changes in your skin happen slowly over time. You look in the mirror every day and start to notice fine lines around your eyes and forehead. It?s good to remind yourself that this is a natural part of getting older but it certainly doesn?t make it easier, especially when you?re looking at old photos…. Read more

How breasts change as you age

Sometimes it happens fast. You look in the mirror and, all of a sudden, you notice your breasts have changed. That once-perky chest seems like only yesterday. For others, the fight against gravity is gradual. There?s no doubt about it. Breasts?do?change as the years go on. It can be hard to accept, though, as they?re… Read more

Reclaim your body after childbirth

As a new mum, you?re always running around. Changing nappies, getting up in the middle of the night, and cleaning the house. There are just so many responsibilities that can distract you from your own health. It?s natural, during pregnancy, to put on weight. A lot of this is just fluid and it takes time… Read more

Plastic Surgeon vs Cosmetic Surgeon – ACCS Bust the Myths

Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) Censor-in Chief Dr John Flynn set the record straight about the training Cosmetic Surgeons and plastic surgeons receive. Dr Flynn said the College was particularly concerned that misstatements by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons are likely to confuse members of the Australian community who may be considering having… Read more

Lips #1: Kiss Trout Pout Goodbye

Overdone, blown-out and unnatural looking lips are so yesterday. When considering a lip enhancement treatment, no one wants to look as though they?ve had an allergic reaction to shellfish. So it?s time to kiss trout pout goodbye. The only person who should be fish kissing these days is Rex Hunt. And even that is questionable…. Read more

Walking Trails near Norwood.

After Cosmetic Surgery, patients can tend to be overly keen to return to their pre surgery fitness regime.The team at Norwood Day Surgery have put together a list of walking trails near Norwood catering to a variety of fitness and post-surgery levels. While you may be keen to return to the gym, weights and classes… Read more

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