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Best Therapies for Age Spots.


Have you over exposed your body parts to the sun? Sun worshippers take note, spending too much time in the sun puts you at an increased risk of developing unsightly skin blemishes. Combine that with ageing into your senior years and the result is (as the name suggests), Age Spots.

Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide takes pride in its range of treatments dedicated to improving your skins appearance including Laser C02 Fractional Resurfacing and ND YAG Pigmentation Removal. The doctors have decades of experience and will undertake a comprehensive consultation with you to determine the best treatment for your age spots.

What is an Age Spot?
Also known as lentigines, lentigos and liver spots, they appear as sharply defined, rounded, brown or black, flat patches of skin. Ironically they have nothing to do with the liver or liver function. They occur when the top surface layer of skin expands with more pigment and may occur individually, or bring friends, creating a small cluster.

Why seek treatment for your Age Spots?
Age Spots occur mostly on the face, forearms, forehead, shoulders and backs of the hands all quite easily noticed areas which can impact on your confidence in social situations and emotional health. They are somewhat surprisingly not cancerous (considering their association with sun exposure) but may be accompanied by precancerous, scaly, red skin elevations. Physically it is important (as all Australians are aware) to monitor any changes and discolouration of skin.

Help is at hand (and forearm, face, forehead).

Laser C02 Fractional Resurfacing
Not as scary as it may sound, Norwood Day Surgery offers Laser C02 Fractional Resurfacing as a solution to resurfacing an aging skin. Laser C02 Fractional Resurfacing is accredited and of the highest international standard and can be used in the treatment of Age Spots.

Put very simply, the heat generated in the skin from the thousands of dots of laser energy causes collagen bundles to tighten producing an overall tighter, fresher, more youthful looking appearance. In science speak, the CO2 laser of this system is more effective than other wavelengths used in other laser treatments.

Laser treatments vary. Less aggressive treatments occur over the course of three to six treatments, compared to a single aggressive laser treatment. Less aggressive options equal less wound care and minimal down time so you can be back to your SPF 50+, hat, sunglasses and long sleeve wearing outdoor pursuits.

Treatment Day
Taking just over 30 minutes to treat a full face, the area is cleansed, topical aesthetic ointment is put on 60 minutes before treatment and a pain-relieving tablet can be taken as a premedication. Your skin will be numb and you will be comfortable. Sedation is available for those wanting a deep resurfacing so your treatment is comfortable and safe.

The sensation your skin shows while the body is building new skin is similar to sun burn (don’t pretend you haven’t felt that before). Recovery time depends on the treatment intensity, with only two-three days expected in the less aggressive instance. One week possibly more for those wanting a deeper aggressive treatment.

ND-YAG Pigmentation Removal
Norwood Day Surgery uses a Duolite Deka laser that can selectively target and destroy the melanin contained in pigmented spots or areas. Age Spots are the easiest to remove without any scarring and can be effectively treated using the Duolite laser system. Pulsed light is particularly suitable for treating sun spots and superficial age spots, especially where the skin is thin and delicate, such as on the hands or neck.

A consultation with Dr Marzola at Norwood Day Surgery will determine your pigmentation pathology before a treatment program can be prepared.

Treatment Day
Excellent results can be achieved in just a few patient-friendly 30 minute sessions. Norwood Day Surgery offers a specifically formulated cream containing a strong local anaesthetic to make this treatment more comfortable.

Following the treatment, the pigmented lesions will appear quite dark initially until the body breaks down the treated cells over a two to four week period. A four-week follow up review will also be required post treatment. Make-up is safe to use from day two onwards to cover up.

Norwood Day Surgery Age Spot treatment options will be fully explained and discussed at the time of your consultation so you can make the right choice regarding your Laser Therapy.

To learn more or to arrange a confidential consultation visit Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide, complete a contact form or call us on (08) 7079 6796.