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The doctor’s duty of care for breast implants & cosmetic procedures

What first comes to mind when you think of a woman’s body? Without playing into stereotypes, it’s probably breasts, curves and long hair. Breasts, although beautiful in all shapes and sizes, are one of the body parts that many women want to change.

I wish I had bigger breasts, like her, you think.

Guys love big chests.

I want to look great in a bikini.

If these thoughts often float in your mind, you’ve probably considered cosmetic procedures. There’s a stigma that clouds boob jobs. That is, they’re for superficial purposes. But in reality, women of all ages choose to get breast augmentation surgery for different reasons.

From 21-year-olds who have breasts that never fully developed, to a new mum struggling with how their breasts look after breastfeeding, there is no right or wrong reason. As long as you’re doing it yourself, having a boob job is a completely personal choice.

A plastic surgeon vs. cosmetic surgeon.

Hollywood and the media have tricked women, somewhat. Women often call in, asking if we have plastic surgeons on staff. This is because they’re led to believe that they’re the only specialists who perform breast implants.

Here at the Norwood Day Surgery, we have Dr Flynn who performs not only Breast Augmentation, but offers various Breast Procedure.

Our surgeons are mutli-disciplined, making it difficult to shoebox into one area of focus, like just breasts. If you’re considering breast implants, it’s important to do your research because there are many misconceptions associated with the industry.

The after-care

Norwood Day Surgery has doctors on staff to provide you with post-op care. Breast augmentation is performed as a day surgery procedure. You’ll arrive in the morning and go home in the afternoon. But just as importantly, our experienced doctors will continue to take care of you in appointments following your surgery.

We advise a two-week recovery period, so that the incisions can full recover and your body can recuperate.

Want to know how much plastic surgery costs. Our doctors can give you more information about breast implants. Call our clinic in Adelaide today on 87079 6796,

Our clinic is recognised by the Australian Health Service Safety & Quality Accreditation Scheme (AHSSQA).