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5 Reasons to Use Medical-Grade Skin Care

The products you put on your skin will make a big difference in the overall health and vitality of your complexion. At Norwood Day Surgery, we recommend two different product programs as every skin is different and requires different support. We recommend Ultra MD medical-grade skin care to all of our patients, regardless of their skin type or specific concerns one of these ranges is suitable. There are a number of good reasons to invest in medical-grade skin care if you are truly committed to putting your best face forward every day.

Top Ingredients
Medical-grade skin care tends to contain the most innovative ingredients designed to give you the best possible results. The skin care industry is constantly evolving to bring the most effective ingredients to formulations as they are discovered. Medical-grade skin care tends to lead the pack in terms of finding the revolutionary substances that up the quality of skin care formulations overall.

Highest Concentrations
In addition to providing the best ingredients, medical-grade skin care also offers them in higher concentrations than products sold over the counter. The ability to use higher concentrations stems from the fact that these products are only available with a doctor’s recommendation. Not only can you rest assured of their safety and efficacy for your skin, your doctor will recommend the best formulations for your specific needs.

Fewer Fillers
Many drugstore skin care products contain a long list of filler ingredients. These substances typically do not provide much benefit, but they can increase your risk for skin sensitivity, irritation or an allergic reaction. Medical-grade skin care does not contain a long list of fillers, which means it is usually healthier and safer for your skin without sacrificing effectiveness.

Better Penetration
The ingredients you put on your skin are not the only factor that determines how well your skin care works. The topical solutions must also have the ability to penetrate the skin’s surface, working in the underlying layers of the dermis where they can have the greatest impact. Medical-grade skin care contains ingredients or technology that allows it to penetrate deeper beneath the skin’s surface to give you more dramatic, longer-lasting results.

Proven Science
Medical-grade skin care is usually backed up by clinical research to prove the product’s effectiveness and safety. Many of these studies are published in professional journals, where you can read about their results. Because over-the-counter skin care is not regulated in the same manner as medical products, studies proving their effectiveness may be harder to come by.

At Norwood Day Surgery, we believe the first step in looking and feeling your best at any stage of life is to ensure your skin is as healthy as possible. Medical-grade skin care is a first positive step in that direction, with proven ingredients and formulations that promise results. To learn more about medical-grade skin care, contact Norwood Day Surgery at 08 7079 6796.