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Is it time to try a different anti-ageing strategy?

Dr Marzola has dedicated his life to improving the appearance of his patients, which includes prevention through anti-ageing medicine

Dr Marzola is a member of the American and Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine and as such can recommend a number of alternative ways for you to maintain or improve your appearance through diet and caring for your body’s nutrition. Here at Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide we look at the body as a whole functioning mechanism, not just a shell that can be improved with cosmetic surgery. It’s important to care for your personal health as well as your appearance to get the maximum benefit out of our treatments. While it can be confidence-boosting to love your outer appearance it is also important for long-term happiness to improve your overall health.

What is anti-ageing medicine?

Anti-ageing medicine can include recommendations given by Dr Marzola such as healthy foods which contain the required minerals and nutritional properties to keep your body healthy. Modern diets take their toll on our bodies and years of abusing our organs with refined sugar and processed food definitely deprives us of the quintessential nutrients which we need to live up to our potential in terms of health and appearance.

The naturally occurring nutrients in fruit, vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates and whole grains have properties which have been realised to have anti-ageing properties. Dr Marzola recommends a number of foods for better health and appearance.

The main principals around the anti-ageing medicine guidelines include food that is:

  • Low carbohydrate
  • Low fat
  • High lean protein
  • High fibre

The best foods for practicing anti-ageing medicine are as follows:


As well as eating correctly you can also enhance your appearance with the help of laser therapy or dermal fillers. Here at Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide we offer a range of treatments designed to enhance the general appearance of your face and body. We can perform face lifts, liposculpture and and forehead lifts as well as non-surgical procedures including ND-YAG Skin Rejuvenation and Pigmentation removal as well as chemical peels and laser fractional resurfacing.

We invite you to visit us for a consultation so that we can recommend the best route of treatment for your particular body and aesthetic desires. Our friendly team is waiting to help you on your aesthetic journey.

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