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If you are considering this surgery, the current options are much greater and more satisfying than ever before.

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Please note that the results of every procedure will vary from patient to patient. Norwood Day Surgery can neither predict nor guarantee success, please book a consultation to find out if this procedure is right for you.

This procedure has advanced in recent years, giving the plastic surgeon and the patient far more options.

The surgeon now has the ability to ?customize? your procedure based upon your specific needs and anatomy. This current ability to ?customize? nasal surgery has evolved over the past fifteen years. In the past, nasal surgery was taught and practiced using a ?cookie cutter? approach. Surgeons of the time performed the same operation on almost all their patients regardless of their preoperative appearance. Today, the emphasis is placed on looking at your nose individually. Dr Zacharia will discuss which features of your nose need change as well as those features best left untouched. Now, each nasal surgery is ?customized? based upon your unique anatomy. Here at Norwood Day Surgery we understand the potential self-consciousness that can be experienced because of a nose that doesn?t look the way you?d like it to.

How Rhinoplasty can transform your appearance

Nasal surgery can be performed to change consequence of genetics, birth defect or injury. It can be done to enhance your appearance and/or to improve your nasal breathing. Potential changes include:

  • decreasing the overall size of the nose
  • removing the bump on the bridge
  • narrowing a wide bridge
  • refining and narrowing the tip
  • adding ?projection? to the tip
  • narrowing the nostrils
  • shortening the nose
  • improving the transition between the nose and the upper lip
  • straightening the nose if it is crooked
  • straightening a deviated septum (the dividing wall between the air passages) to improve nasal breathing
  • restoring the height of the bridge following injury or previous surgery

In younger patients, the surgery can be performed after the skeleton of the face is fully developed. This usually occurs in young men by the age of sixteen years. Skeletal growth is usually complete in young women by the age of fifteen years. In adulthood, the surgery can be performed at any age.

Interested in Secondary Rhinoplasty Nasal Surgery?

If you have had a previous operation on your nose and are unhappy with the outcome, you may be a candidate for secondary nasal surgery. If too little bone and cartilage have been removed at the original surgery, additional reduction of your nasal skeleton may be indicated. If, however, too much tissue has been removed or the remaining tissues are distorted, the procedure may involve grafting bone or cartilage from other areas of your body. Dr Zacharia will evaluate the condition of your nose to recommend the best course of action for you.

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