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Dermapen Skin Needling is the leading?treatment for scars due to the effectiveness of the microneedling procedure.

Here at Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide we are always looking for the most advanced procedures with the strongest rapport, and Dermapen Skin Needling has a significant following by cosmetic surgeons and patients alike.

Compared to other similar devices the Dermapen improves discomfort, ensuring a less painful procedure. The clinical effectiveness of this procedure also ensures that less downtime will be required which is the time spent resting away from work and chores after your procedure. There are many other benefits to the Dermapen as it is a dexterous tool which can reach hard to treat areas such as creases in the skin or smaller more delicate areas towards the eyes or the nose. This procedure also stimulates scar-free healing which can actually get rid of scars on the face.

Dermapen Skin Needling is perfect to treat:

  • Burn scars
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks (scars)
  • Undesirable skin texture

Dermapen Skin Needling allows the cosmetic professionals at Norwood Day Surgery to perform facial rejuvenation, as well as reduce scars and imperfections on other areas of the body. The advanced technology of the Dermapen enables the customisation of needle length or depth. It also has an ergonomic design which makes it a simple piece of equipment to use which streamlines the process for you as the patient. The needle itself ranges from 0.25mm to 1.0mm which will be altered depending on the depth of your scarring. In some cases multiple treatments are necessary with breaks in between to gradually improve the appearance of your skin. This may especially be recommended if you have significantly deep scarring which often occurs with acne. This will mean that the needle will need to penetrate further in order to have the same effect and in some cases one treatment is not enough to achieve the desired skin texture.

How does the Dermapen Skin Needling work?

Dermapen Skin Needling works by initiating the body?s own natural regenerative process. It reinvigorates damaged skin as well as ageing skin which has gone through years of sun damage and more. The body?s natural response to the Dermapen micro-needle system is to treat the needle punctures like small wounds. This then stimulates the healing process where new skin cells will eventually fill the areas that have been treated.

There are three specific parts to this procedure:

  • An inflammatory response will occur where platelets in the blood respond to the ?wound?
  • The tissue that is located in the treated areas will continue to regenerate
  • A ?fibrotic response? occurs which involves new collagen and tissue formation

If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your skin we recommend visiting Norwood Day Surgery for a consultation.

Please note that the results of every procedure will vary from patient to patient. Norwood Day Surgery can neither predict nor guarantee success, please book a consultation to find out if this procedure is right for you.