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Has Kim Kardashian had hair removal on her forehead?

There are rumours that Kim Kardashian has received hair removal on her forehead to give her hairline and forehead an elongated appearance

Nowadays surgery can help you transform virtually any part of your body, allowing you to achieve the appearance you have always desired. This is the same for celebrities, who may feel that their appearance could benefit from a slight tweak. For some people hair removal can be a way to achieve soft, hairless skin. This is a popular treatment on the legs, underarms and bikini area although it can also be used on the face to get rid of longer facial hair which can occur in some individuals. Facial hair is an undesirable trait in women, and it can be caused by hormonal changes and genetics.

Recently it was noticed that Kim Kardashians forehead looks elongated and very well-kept compared to her earlier days. If you compare younger photos of her to recent photographs her forehead hair appears trimmed and pushed back further. This could potentially be due to permanent hair removal treatment to give her face better proportion. You too can use permanent hair removal to customise features about your body and face with Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide.

Are you worried about facial hair?

Some individuals have longer hair on their face than most, which can make their skin feel different in terms of texture. It can also be apparent in photographs where the skin may have a less clear look. Facial hair can also contribute to more oils on the face which can potentially cause breakouts. Laser hair removal can improve the softness of your skin, especially on the face, as well as the other problems which occur with it. Here at Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide we use the LightSheer Diode laser which is a world-class hair removal treatment which can be used on many different skin and hair types.

The LightSheer laser allows you to smooth your skin by removing unwanted hair on your body and face. The procedure will require a number of treatments in order to be fully effective. Most people require 7-10 treatments depending on the thickness of the hair, how much hair there is and the area being treated. To get a better estimate of how many treatments you will require we recommend visiting our practice for a consultation where we can evaluate your hair type.

Hair-free, smooth skin is an investment in your body

Summer is the perfect time to receive permanent hair removal as you’ll be able to enjoy the effects during the ideal time of the year. Imagine going to the beach without having to worry about unwanted hair anywhere on your body. Permanent hair removal can give you the ultimate freedom when it comes to your body and what kind of clothes you can wear. Whether your problem area is your legs, your underarms or somewhere on your face Norwood Day Surgery can treat you so that you can feel confident about your body.

How does LightSheer hair removal work?

This procedure uses ChillTip technology which simultaneously cools the skin as the laser is applied. This means that the usual heat which can occur with some laser treatments is virtually non-existent. You will be able to remain comfortable throughout your entire treatment no matter what area of the body you are receiving treatment. The LightSheer laser also covers a larger surface area in the one application which means the procedure is quicker and more convenient.

The LightSheer laser can improve leg veins and other issues

The LightSheer Diode Laser System can decrease the appearance of leg veins such as small spider veins as well as remove unwanted hair. It can also treat pigmentation as laser light therapy can correct forms of pigmentation. The final dermatological issue that the LightSheer diode laser can treat is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae which appear as small bumps (razor bumps) which can be caused by shaving.

Laser technology has been used for decades for its anti-ageing properties as well as its ability to treat wrinkles, pigmentation and fine lines. Find out what Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide can do for you in terms of laser renewal and cosmetic enhancement.

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