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Walking Trails near Norwood.

After Cosmetic Surgery, patients can tend to be overly keen to return to their pre surgery fitness regime.The team at Norwood Day Surgery have put together a list of walking trails near Norwood catering to a variety of fitness and post-surgery levels.

While you may be keen to return to the gym, weights and classes – most often gentle walking provides the best post procedure options.
What constitutes a walk versus a hike is a heated debated so our classification of a walk is as follows. For the purposes of this exercise a walk is limited to an existing trail or established pathway, takes a maximum of two hours round trip and does not have hike in the title.

Note the key word here is walk.

Depending on the procedure, light exercise is important to the healing process. During the early stages of recovery, short walks may assist in helping to avoid blood clots, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. It is also mentally beneficially to gain a sense of back to normal, after a procedure and the confidence to head back outside.

Protection from the sun is vitally important. Importantly, (especially following any facial or skin rejuvenation procedures) as we have all been educated: slip, slop, slap and wrap. Seek medical advice for suitable sun protection creams following any skin rejuvenation procedures.

Following breast augmentation always wear a well-supported bra while exercising, even if it is just a light walk and even after you are completely healed.

Be sensible. It sounds boring but choose the time of day for your walks. Don’t set off for your first post-op walk in the freezing early morning of winter or in the heat of the summer day. As the saying goes mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

Often the city you live in is the one you least explore. As you rebuild to your full exercise regime take the time to investigate Adelaide and learn a little along the way.

The Suburb of Norwood covers some of Adelaide’s most historic and culturally diverse suburbs. Local governments cultural heritage signs, walks and trails give participants the opportunity to get a sense of the City’s rich past at a pace that suits you and your post treatment recovery.

Parade Cultural Walk
The Parade Cultural Walk is a popular tourist attraction and has been featured in Australian lifestyle television programs such as Getaway, Discover and Postcards.

Kensington Village Walk
Kensington is one of Adelaide’s older settlements and is renowned for its early pioneer cottages and colonial architecture. The terrain is mostly flat ground. Allow two hours. You can pick up a guide from the Norwood Town Hall.

Payneham Cemetery Walk
The Payneham Cemetery, first established in 1848 by the Primitive Methodists, has strong links with the foundation and settlement of South Australia.
The terrain is mainly flat on this two hour walk and allows visitors to ponder some of the stories of the early settlers and their traditions. The pathways can be uneven or altered.
You can pick up a guide from the Norwood Town Hall.

Morialta Conservation Park
Morialta Conservation Park is located 10km north east of Adelaide. A car park is situated at the start of the walking trails.

Rugged ridges, gully scenery and seasonal waterfalls make up Morialta Conservation Park. The three waterfalls along Fourth Creek are popular features of the park and are linked by an extensive network of walking trails.
You can even walk your dog from the Morialta picnic area, along the Morialta Falls Road to the Morialta Falls car park, provided it remains under your control on a lead.

First Falls Valley Walk
This 1.6km, 45 minute trail through Morialta Conservation Park, takes you into the heart of the spectacular Morialta Gorge, lined with towering cliffs and the 30 metre First Falls. (There are three falls in the park, which run after autumn and winter rains). The trail is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

As your recovery progresses Morialta Conservation Park offers many extended walk and hiking options.

Botanic Garden Ramble
An oasis in the city, the Adelaide Botanic Garden (the most visited cultural attraction in South Australia), is home to special collections of native and exotic plants. Statues, heritage buildings and water features add to the already beautiful garden. For your first post treatment walk take a free guided tour, held at 10.30 daily or free self-guided audio tour available through the MyParx app or visiting the myparx website. Make time to rest and relax at the caf, restaurant or kiosk.

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
This much loved garden in the Piccadilly Valley features cool climate plants from both hemispheres. The seasonal variations make it a rewarding garden at any time of the year.

Valley View
Walking an easy slope this takes 45 minutes round trip. Start at the upper car park to the Lothian Viewing Platform and take in the views of the garden and valley.

Heysen Trail
The Heysen Trail is South Australia’s premier long distance walking trail. It stretches over 1200 kilometeres between Cape Jervis in the Fleurieu Peninsula, north along the states mountain ranges to Parachilna Gorge in the Flinders Ranges. One of the oldest sections of the trail passes through the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden.

River Torrens Linear Park
River Torrens Linear Park is the ideal choice for families and those looking for a leisurely walk. The trail runs right through the city centre, passing the Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Convention Centre and Adelaide Zoo, providing an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Walkers can pick up the path at countless spots. The city section (near Elder Park) is generally the most popular option. Bridges are dotted along the length of the trail, enabling users to cross the River and loop back to their starting point.

Featuring level, bitumen paths, the River Torrens Linear Trail is ideal for all fitness levels.

Norwood has some great walking tracks right on its door step, with a huge variety of scenery and terrain to explore. These are just some of the tracks around the suburban fringe, but there are many more that could keep you occupied through your recovery and return to peak fitness.

The expert team at Norwood Day Surgery is dedicated to improving your appearance. The doctors have decades of experience and offer a full range of treatments and procedures.

As with any medical procedure, your treating physician at Norwood Day Surgery will guide you back to the land of fitness without putting you and your procedure at risk. Please discuss your returning to exercise with your physician first before starting.

For more information on post treatment exercise or to arrange a consultation visit Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide, complete a contact form or call us on (08) 7079 6796.