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The stigma around cosmetic surgeries & anti-wrinkle injections

Women these days get mixed messages. The media is constantly feeding us notions that youth is the epitome of beauty. On the other hand, there’s a stigma around plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments with expectations that women should age gracefully.

It all comes back to confidence and individual perspectives. If you’re happy in your own skin, that’s great. But if you think you’d feel better by freshening up your features, that’s also fine. Society doesn’t think this way, though. That’s okay, your job isn’t to please the masses. You’re the one who has to look in the mirror every day. Worry lines, crows feet, frown lines and acne scars are a few of the common problem areas in women.

We need to disassociate cosmetic updates with an unnatural appearance. Hollywood has a lot to blame for this. When people think of Botox or plastic surgery, horrendous images come to mind of women with blown-out lips and emotionless faces. This can scare a lot of women off and they continue to live feeling unconfident, when there’s a solution.

False: Cosmetic procedures is about vanity.

Folks think these treatments are motivated by looks or that people who do choose cosmetic surgery must love themselves. The truth is, it’s a lot more complex than this.

Many patients we see have actually been through some kind of health problem or illness, and our procedures will make them feel better, helping them regain the life they had before. This is just one example of the various different reasons why people consider plastic surgery or skin treatments.

It doesn’t have to be invasive or unnatural. The most important thing is going through a clinic that’s run by a team of doctors.

Let’s bring back the youthful you.                                                              

You don?t have to go all in and undergo an extravagant surgery. Dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants are the perfect way to enhance your natural appearance. They fill face lines, plump up your skin and smooth facial contours, without going under the knife.

At Norwood Day Surgery, our injector nurses are trained to the same standard in injectables as doctors. It’s what we do, every single day, rather than something we just touch on a few times a week.

For more information about anti-wrinkle relaxants, fillers, skin needling or cosmetic surgery, book an appointment with us.