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Injectables: What are Your Options in Non-Surgical Enhancements?

Injectable treatments are an effective way to enhance your appearance without incisions, anaesthesia or a recovery period. As non-surgical cosmetic treatments continue to grow in popularity, new formulations have been introduced to precisely address patient concerns and provide the best possible results. Before you schedule your first injectable treatment, it is a good idea to… Read more

How to look beautiful over 50

Six beautiful celebrities over 50 and how you can achieve similar results 1. Kim Basinger Kim Basinger is known for her portrayal of a Bond Babe in the movie Never Say Never Again, as well as her tousled hair and beautiful lips and eyes. Her skin looks evenly toned, her eyebrows are shaped beautifully and… Read more

How do I get a Bikini Body FAST?

Your summer body, your beach body or your bikini body It doesn’t matter what you call it, women far and wide are looking for solutions to get them a beautiful slim body fast. Summer is finally here and the weather seems to be getting hotter and hotter every day, which means more and more days… Read more

Is it time to try a different anti-ageing strategy?

Dr Marzola has dedicated his life to improving the appearance of his patients, which includes prevention through anti-ageing medicine Dr Marzola is a member of the American and Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine and as such can recommend a number of alternative ways for you to maintain or improve your appearance through diet and caring… Read more

Infographic: Breast Implants in Australia

Breast implants are the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia. We offer this procedure here at Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide where our breast implant surgeon Dr Flynn will make you feel comfortable during your initial consultation and your surgery. Find out more about breast implants in Australia as well as general plastic… Read more

Has Kim Kardashian had hair removal on her forehead?

There are rumours that Kim Kardashian has received hair removal on her forehead to give her hairline and forehead an elongated appearance Nowadays surgery can help you transform virtually any part of your body, allowing you to achieve the appearance you have always desired. This is the same for celebrities, who may feel that their… Read more