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Norwood Day Surgery offers liposculpture to their patients.

We offer a full range of liposculpture treatments all of which are accredited and of the highest international standard so that you can be confident that you are well looked after with our team.

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Please note that the results of every procedure will vary from patient to patient. Norwood Day Surgery can neither predict nor guarantee success, please book a consultation to find out if this procedure is right for you.

What is liposculpture?

Removal of excess fat deposits by suction began in the late 1970?s in Europe, quickly spreading to America and the rest of the world. Lipo as it was called then, was a little traumatic with larger cannulas and general anaesthesia required. Since the mid 1990?s tumescent liposculpture has become the gold standard with small instruments, gentle extraction and twilight anaesthesia being sufficient to make the process entirely comfortable.

The ?tumescence? is a local anaesthetic mixture which is spread through the fat deposits first, making the whole area numb and quite comfortable to work on. All this time enough calming medication is given for overall comfort. The tumescent technique of liposculpture has made it safe as a day surgery procedure, not hospital and not general anaesthetic. Once the area in question is completely numb, the unwanted fatty deposits can be safely and painlessly removed. The cosmetic surgeon sculpts and shapes the area to get a smooth and even result. The idea is to contour the area so it is in balance with the rest of the body.

Liposculpture is not a procedure for the treatment of obesity, but for the removal of fatty deposits that are exercise and dietary resistant. Up to five litres of fat can be safely removed at any one time.

Who can benefit from liposculpture?

The best candidates for liposculpture are healthy men and women with good skin elasticity, who are steady in their weight but have excess deposits in some areas. In women the most common areas are lower abdomen, upper abdomen, flanks/hips, outer thighs, inner thighs and knees. In men it?s the torso (spare tyre) and the male breast area which commonly has too many fatty deposits. Other areas are under the chin, triceps and lower legs around the calves or ankles.


How much weight will I lose?

In liposculpture there is direct removal of fat cells. You will lose centimetres and your contour will change. Each litre of fat removed weighs just under 1kg.

Does liposcultpure remove or improve stretch marks & cellulite?

No. The suction removal of fat tissues refines body contour. Stretch marks will not be improved or removed. Cellulite already present may show some minimal improvement or remain the same.

Can liposculpture be performed more than once?

Yes. Especially in cases of high volume reduction where only a certain amount can be removed. Time periods between procedures need to be discussed with our staff.

When can I resume my exercise program?

You may begin mild exercise within 7 days and progress to a full exercise program at 3-4 weeks depending on the speed of your recovery.

When can I go back to work?

Each patient is different and each procedure is somewhat different. Many patients take a week off, others less. If your work is heavy you will need more time off than someone who can sit at a desk. A confidential sickness certificate can be supplied.

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