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Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide offers a full range of anti-wrinkle injections and wrinkle relaxants designed to both treat and prevent the signs of aging.

We will carefully evaluate your face for lines and wrinkles to determine where the ideal places to address are located.

Wrinkle Relaxants are used to prevent wrinkles

Wrinkle relaxants purposefully inhibit the activity of the muscles in the face. Your muscles are what cause dynamic wrinkles, as the pull and push the skin causes them to form creases such as smile lines, crow?s feet and frown lines. In order to decrease the presence of these types of wrinkles in the future wrinkle relaxants are recommended. They can be injected at any age, and many individuals in their late twenties choose to receive wrinkles relaxants when the first signs of wrinkles begin to show.

Dermal Fillers can improve volume for a rejuvenated appearance

Dermal Fillers are a perfect way to enhance your natural beauty. Dermal fillers are designed for lip plumping, filling fine lines, creating smooth facial contours, filling up cheeks and non-surgical nose reshaping. They can be used to conceal the signs of aging as well as plump up areas of the face for an enhanced appearance at any age. Many women choose to inject their lips with fillers such as Botulinum Toxin A which can create a long-lasting luscious lip.