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Why surgery isn’t the only option for chronic pain sufferers

When people experience chronic achy joints, they?re often presented with one solution: surgery. This problem is often treated by decompression of the joint, such as elevation of the anterior tibial tubercle, and this treatment is intended to decrease pain, maintain or improve joint function, and minimise disability.

With any surgery there?s risk; months of recovery and multiple follow-up visits. But surgery isn?t the only option. If possible, the articular cartilage defect itself should be repaired.

Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical treatment for joint problems and osteoarthritis.

Occurring naturally in the body, stem cells can replace damaged cells and treat disease – when cells are taken from fat and placed in the problem area to treat musculoskeletal tissue. For people suffering from chronic pain, this breakthrough therapy rebuilds the cartilage and takes the pain away.

The minimally invasive natural alternative to surgery.?

The process is, relatively simple. First, 200mls of fat is drawn from the body, using liposuction. The fat is taken into a laboratory to extract the stem cells, and injected back into the problem joint. It?s a minimal?pain procedure and usually only takes one treatment. The patient will walk to the door, after the session.

This low-risk procedure can be a solution for all types of joint pain ? knees, shoulders, hips, and smaller joints.

One clinical trial explored the effectiveness of intra-articular injection of mesenchymal stem cells.

While there was no treatment-related, adverse event, the size of cartilage defect decreased while the volume of cartilage increased in the medial femoral and tibial condyles of the high-dose group.

Arthroscopy showed that the size of cartilage defect had also decreased in the medial femoral and medial tibial condyles. Histology demonstrated thick, hyaline-like cartilage regeneration.

These results showed that intra-articular injection into the osteoarthritic knee improved function and reduced pain, and reduced cartilage defects. Many other studies mirror the same positive results.

As more people see the positive results of stem cell therapy, the more common practice it will become. For people struggling with ongoing pain, it?s best to do your research on all the available options.

Chronic joint pain is something no one should have to put up with. It slows you down and creeps into every aspect of your life ? cooking, driving, working, sleeping. If there?s a solution that can help achieve less pain, quicker, it?s worth exploring.

If you?re searching for a chronic pain management regime, without going under the knife, stem cell surgery can help degenerative joint problems. For more information, please speak one of our experienced stem cell team members?on 8333 0333.

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