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Stem Cells can provide long-term relief for joint pain sufferers

Has your New Year?s resolution to get fit caused your arthritis to flare up and joint pain to increase?

If you suffer from chronic joint pain as a lot of Australians do, then it?s important to seek a long-term solution. Many people avoid exercise and strenuous activity because of pain that compromises the comfort and function of their joints. This can be detrimental to overall health as exercise and movement is required for long-term health and body function. Neglecting to address the issue of joint damage or joint pain can result in very stiff and practically immobile joints as you age ? which reduces enjoyment and quality of life.

I thought the use of stem cells was controversial?

Yes it is controversial because it?s quite new compared to other treatments. Scientists in Universities believe it?s too early in our knowledge of stem cells to treat patients at this stage. Others believe we have enough knowledge and track record in osteoarthritis and should be offering it as much as possible, for patients to benefit now! Here at Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide ?we are somewhere in-between.

Careful application of stem cell therapy now results in 90% of our patients, chosen for this treatment, improving sufficiently to postpone joint replacement surgery.

How do stem cells work?

Stem cell therapy for the purpose of osteoarthritis treatment will involve extracting a small amount of adipose (fat) tissue from your body and treating it, in our on site laboratory. ?Fat cells are separated and discarded while the stem cells are kept and injected into the arthritic joints. It all takes about three hours after which our patients can walk out of our clinic.

Will it be successful?

Everyone is different and may respond differently. However with care and attention 90% of people treated show improvement in pain relief and mobility.

Booking a consultation with the team at Norwood Day Surgery in Adelaide will enable a more accurate assessment to be made for treatment. We will also ask you questions about your daily life, work habits and pain experience to determine the likelihood of success and if stem cell therapy is right for you. Our dedicated team is available Monday to Friday 9-5 at Norwood Day Surgery so please book a consultation on 08 8333 0333.

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