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What You Need to Know about Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary treatment that replaces damaged cells with healthy, functioning cells. The procedure has been used for many different purposes, including relieving painful joints associated with osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy is the first treatment allowed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration that improves tissue without destroying joint tissue. If you are suffering with the chronic pain and decreased mobility of osteoarthritis, there are a few things you need to know about stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy is a 4-Step Process

Stem cell therapy involves four basic steps:

  • Extraction of stem cells via a modified mini-liposuction procedure that removes isolated fat deposits
  • Extracted cells undergo ultrasonic cavitation to separate the stem cells from the adipose fat in our laboratory
  • The remaining material, after the fat is removed is known as stromal vascular faction. contains the stem cells we need. These are filtered and counted to ensure your procedure is as effective as possible
  • This is then injected into the arthritic joint with local anesthetic to make the whole procedure very comfortable

While the four-step process may sound complex and time consuming, it can actually be completed in a single procedure right in the offices of Norwood Day Surgery. The entire procedure typically takes around 3 hours to complete.

Stem Cell Therapy is a Clinically Proven Option

At Norwood Day Surgery, we have conducted our own studies on our patients to determine the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in treating painful conditions like osteoarthritis. In our treatment of 70 patients, over 85 percent experienced significant improvement in their pain and mobility over a six-month time frame. Approximately 15 percent of our patients experienced less than 20-percent improvement after treatment. This is industry average. We are all working towards improving outcomes in more people.

Stem Cell Therapy is Not New

Stem cell therapy is an innovative treatment in addressing a wide range of medical and cosmetic concerns, but the treatment itself has been around for some time. In fact, the safety record for stem cell treatments has been proven in both animal and human research for a number of years. Despite a proven track record for safety, we are not yet sure just how long treatments might last. In patients that received their stem cell therapy since 2009, only 20 percent needed a second treatment, suggesting results may indeed by long-lasting.

Stem cell therapy is becoming an effective treatment for painful conditions like osteoarthritis in Australia and around the globe. At Norwood Day Surgery, we have been leading the charge in stem cell treatments since 2012, helping our patients achieve a higher quality of life with less pain and improved mobility and without surgical procedures. To learn more about our stem cell treatments, contact Norwood Day Surgery at 08 8333 0333.

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